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Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Veterinary medicine is increasingly using pricey medical practices and drugs, therefore pet owners have higher expectations for the health care and living standards of their companion animals than before, thus the need for pet insurance has gone up. Pet insurance helps to cover the cost of veterinary treatment in full or partly for your injured or ill pet. Some policies do pay out in the event the pet dies, goes missing or gets stolen.

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How it works

Pet insurance primarily applies to common household pets like cats and dogs, though exotic animals can get cover too. Insurance for pets is not a form of human health insurance, but rather a variation of property insurance. Due to this, this insurance cover reimburses the pet owner after the animal has gotten medical care, and the owner has submitted a claim to his/her insurance provider.

The pet owner normally pays the amount required to the veterinary doctor after the pet has been treated, then submits the claim form to their insurance provider and gets reimbursed.

Coverage options

There are 2 categories of pet insurance policies:

1. Non-lifetime: pet owners are covered for a majority of the conditions sustained by the pet during the current policy year, however on renewing the policy the following year, any condition that has been claimed in the previous year will not be covered. The owner has to cover for the cost of treatment for that particular condition from his/her own pocket.

2. Lifetime: insures a pet for most ongoing conditions throughout the animal’s life. Here, if a condition is claimed in the current policy year, it won’t be left out in the following year after renewal. You should note however, that lifetime policies also exhibit certain limits. Some may have limits as per condition, per year, or both. It is wise to ask for more clarity on the insurance policy you are buying in Florida.

Pet insurance policies can cover:

  • Dental care
  • Preventative care which includes elective medical procedures and vaccinations.
  • Routine care coverage
  • Alternative treatment
  • Purchase of prescription drugs for your pet.